Rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean, from Portugal to the Caribbean, in a 6.5m long boat called Aurelia.

The journey is expected to last no more than 90 days, however that is entirely dependent on the weather, the rower, and an endless number of possible hazards and hiccups!

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The map below will chart Andrew's progress throughout the expedition, you can keep up to date with his positon during the journey in real time and get insights into his thoughts and feelings as he experiences them by clicking on the "Info" icon bleow to access the daily Blog


Aurelia is a Rannoch built R20 pairs row boat made from carbon fibre with a bow/front sleeping cabin and stern/rear storage cabin.

Fully equipped with as much safety, navigation and communication gear as it can carry, Aurelia is designed for one purpose – to cross oceans.

The R20 is designed to self-right after capsizing, and to cut through and surf waves. Light, sleek and adorned with logos of corporate sponsors and charities close to rower Andrew Baker’s heart.



Andrew Baker is a Manxman with an adventurous spirit.

He works as an Advocate in civil and criminal litigation, to protect and advance the rights of his clients.

He cares about living in a fair society, and he believes strong community and accountability (personal and political) are vital pillars to practically achieving such

When not at work he has spent the past few years planning and preparing for this trip.

For Andrew this is as much an inner journey into his mind as it is a monumental physical challenge.



The journey through life is like crossing an ocean, it is a physical challenge, and it is easy to overlook the impact of ‘life’ on our minds. Even the strongest bodies are susceptible to mental health challenges.

The expedition is a platform to raise awareness of the importance of promoting and maintaining good mental health.

It is hoped the Reach into the Blue Expedition will capture people’s interest and raise some funds to be distributed to charities who contribute to positive mental health, through providing services, support and information.

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This expedition would not be possible without the support of others. Friendship and loyalty are the bedrock to a happy life.

The expedition is supported by some fabulous businesses, and individuals too.

The Corporate Sponsors are:


Advocates Smith Taubitz Unsworth


Dark Horse Music Limited


Dr Jeff Lunt Aesthetics


Invicta Accounting


Odin’s Manx Beer


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